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Do you know how many patients you currently have in your care homes?

In the first quarter of the financial year, it is a good time to check the number shown against your Practice Residential Nursing Home Index on your GP statement.

If you find there is a significant difference in your care home patients’ numbers between these please see below.

Just a few different could just be timing as the GP statement weightings are only updated at the start of each quarter.  However, an increase in the RI weighting should also increase the monthly global sum for your practice.

If you have a significant difference, you can check this using your clinical system check the coding for these patients that you know are in your care homes – set up a search if you haven’t got one already that checks the number of patients in each home and then a sub search based upon this population for the VO code to identify either those that are coded or those not coded and then add the code accordingly.

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